Academic Excellence Scholarship Award

Inha University in Tashkent recognizes the academic excellence of students each semester. Each semester Top 10 students are awarded full and half scholarship. In addition, a student who receives GPA 3.5 or higher is also recognized with “Dean’s List”.

Criteria for the Dean’s List

  • Completing 16 academic credits or more in the respective semester.
  • A student receives a semester Grade Point of Average (GPA) 3.5 or higher.
  • A student who violates the regulation of scholarship award is not eligible.

Criteria for Full / Half Scholarship

  • Completing 16 academic credits or more in the respective semester.
  • A student receives a semester Grade Point of Average (GPA):
    • 4.0 or higher is eligible for full scholarship;
    • 3.7 or higher is eligible for half scholarship.
  • Only top 10 students are eligible.
  • A student who is the recipient of Founder’s Grant or Sponsorship is not eligible.
  • A student who has changed the major in the respective semester is not eligible.
  • A student who violates the regulation of scholarship award is not eligible.
Inha University in Tashkent
Fall Semester 2017
Academic Scholarship  List
School of Computer and Information Engineering
Rank by GPA* Student Name Sponsorship/Award type
1 Khamidjon Egamov Founder's Grant/Dean's List
2 Oybek Amonov Founder's Grant/Dean's List
3 Dilmurod Valiev Full scholarship/Dean's List
4 Islom Babaev Full scholarship/Dean's List
5 Ilkhom Rakhimov Sponsor's Grant (Huawei)/Dean's List
6 Abu-Bakr Jabbarov Full scholarship/Dean's List
7 Timur Usmanov Scholarship (50 percent)/Dean's List
8 Azimkhon Khudayberdiev Scholarship (50 percent)/Dean's List
9 Ulugbek Khamdamov Scholarship (50 percent)/Dean's List
10 Sadullaeva Malika Sponsor's Grant (Huawei)/Dean's List
11 Dilmurod Ubaydullaev Half scholarship/Dean's List
12 Sevara Akhbaeva Founder's Grant/Dean's List
13 Azizbek Asadov Half scholarship/Dean's List
14 Azamat Makhkamov Half scholarship/Dean's List
15 Oybek Khakimjanov Half scholarship/Dean's List
16 Jasur Turaev Sponsor's Grant (Huawei)/Dean's List
17 Dilorom Alieva Dean's List
18 Mirkamol Khamidov Dean's List
19 Nazrulla Sadullaev Dean's List
20 Anvar Abdulsatarov Dean's List
21 Feruza Latipova Dean's List
22 Bekhzod Shaymonov Dean's List
23 Mardon Zarifjonov Dean's List
24 Farangiz Nurmukhamedova Dean's List
25 Ulmasbek Rakhmatullaev Dean's List
26 Sardor Urdushev Dean's List
27 Farrukh Tulkunov Dean's List
28 Sukhrobkhuja Sayfuddinov Dean's List
29 Fazliddin Zokirov Dean's List
30 Sunnat Makhmudov Dean's List
31 Sardor Doniyorov Founder's Grant/Dean's List
32 Shahrukh Abdurakhimov Dean's List
33 Madiyor Abdukhashimov Dean's List
34 Ibrat Abidov Dean's List
35 Abdulmalik Mamirov Dean's List
36 Bekzod Erkinov Dean's List
37 Kosimova Anora Sponsor's Grant (Bravopharma)/Dean's List
38 Oybek Fayziev Dean's List
39 Mirzashomol Karshiev Dean's List
40 Diyorkhon Mukhamedkhanov Sponsor's Grant (Huawei)/Dean's List
41 Khushnidjon Keldiboev Dean's List
42 Sayidazim Makhmudov Dean's List
43 Obboskhon Ruzimatov Founder's Grant/Dean's List
44 Abbosjon Kudratov Dean's List
45 Latofatkhon Saydamatova Dean's List
46 Jamoliddinkhuja Odilkhujaev Dean's List
47 Khumoyun Aminaddinov Dean's List
48 Jasurbek Davronov Dean's List
49 Anvarjon Yusupov Dean's List
50 Akmal Karimov Dean's List
51 Otabek Allanazarov Founder's Grant/Dean's List
52 Dostonkhon Ozodkhujaev Founder's Grant/Dean's List
53 Otabek Nazrullaev Sponsor's Grant (Lukoil)/Dean's List
54 Dostonjon Suhrobov Dean's List
School of Logistics
Rank by GPA* Student Name Award type
1 Fazliddin Narzulloyev Full scholarship/Dean's List
2 Durdona Akhmadjonova Full scholarship/Dean's List
3 Humoyunjon Abdumajidov Half scholarship/Dean's List
4 Sherbek Narzullaev Half scholarship/Dean's List
5 Zebo Pulatova Sponsor's Grant (16,6 percent)/Dean's List
6 Zokhidbek Otabekov Sponsor's Grant (16,6 percent)/Dean's List
7 Yusufjon Yaminjonov Sponsor's Grant (16,6 percent)/Dean's List
8 Ilyos Abdullaev Dean's List
9 Azizjon Shodiev Dean's List
10 Sukhrobjon Ramazanov Dean's List
11 Nilufar Safarova Dean's List
12 Zukhriddin Abdurakhmonov Dean's List
13 Gulnoza Irgasheva Dean's List
14 Madina Zokirova Dean's List
15 Rukhsorakhon Uktamova Dean's List
16 Tolibjon Nusratov Dean's List
17 Azizjon Jamolov Dean's List
18 Bektemir Kuziboev Dean's List
19 Dilnozakhon Nasrieva Dean's List
20 Turgunboev Akbarjon Dean's List
School of Computer and Information Engineering
Rank by GPA* Student Name Award type
1 Darkhonbek Mamataliev Full Scholarship/Dean's List
2 Sherzodbek Tojimahammatov Full scholarship/Dean's List
3 Jasurbek Abdirozikov Full scholarship/Dean's List
4 Maftuna Bozarova Full scholarship/Dean's List
5 Ulugbek Abdullaev Half scholarship/Dean's List
6 Elbek Khoshimjonov Founder's Grant/Dean's List
7 Ravshan Makhmadaliev Half scholarship/Dean's List
8 Bedilbek Khamidov Half scholarship/Dean's List
9 Avaz Alimov Half scholarship/Dean's List
10 Eldor Abdukhamidov Half scholarship/Dean's List
11 Malika Anvarjonova Founder's Grant/Dean's List
12 Ulugbek Samigjonov Founder's Grant/Dean's List
13 Rakhimjon Rustamov Half scholarship/Dean's List
14 Maftuna Sharabbaeva Dean's List
15 Kodirov Abdurakhmon Founder's Grant/Dean's List
16 Sabinakhon Akbarova Dean's List
17 Temur Kodirov Founder's Grant/Dean's List
18 Azamatbek Mamarajabov Dean's List
19 Khondamirbek Abdusattarov Dean's List
20 Erkinboy Botirov Dean's List
21 Nargiza Khudoykulova Dean's List
22 Iskandar Rakhimov Dean's List
23 Sardor Taylakov Dean's List
24 Navruz Jandullaev Dean's List
25 Bobur Zaitov Dean's List
26 Khusanboy Abdul-Kodir Dean's List
27 Azizbek Matchanov Dean's List
28 Turabek Gaybullaev Dean's List
29 Muslimbek Abduganiev Dean's List
30 Nasiba Lutfullaeva Dean's List
31 Nigmatjon Anvarov Dean's List
32 Khurshid Bakhromov Dean's List
33 Mirzo-Golib Suvonberdiyev Dean's List
34 Javokhir Abdirashidov Dean's List
35 Khushnoza Kamalova Dean's List
36 Madina Saidova Dean's List
37 Ahror Jabborov Dean's List
38 Shokhrukh Kholmurodov Dean's List
39 Isomiddin Abdunabiyev Dean's List
40 Shukhrat Khidoyatov Dean's List
41 Abdullaev Daler Dean's List
42 Jakhongir Bakhodirov Dean's List
43 Shakhboz Juraev Dean's List
44 Arslonbek Kulmatov Dean's List
45 Khamidjon Murtazakulov Dean's List
46 Mukhammadhser Shermamatov Dean's List
47 Lobarkhon Komiljonova Dean's List
48 Firuz Juraev Dean's List
49 Yunuskhuja Tuygunkhujaev Dean's List
50 Barkamol Suloymonov Dean's List
51 Nozimakhon Salyamova Dean's List
52 Jasurbek Murtozoev Dean's List
53 Abdulbosid Khamidov Dean's List
54 Rustamjon Khalmatov Dean's List
55 Saida Yusupova Dean's List
School of Computer and Information Engineering
Rank by GPA* Student Name Award type
1 Abduzimov Azamat Full Scholarship/Dean's List
2 Ismatov Kudratillo Founder's Grant/Dean's List
3 Abdulazizov Shakhboz Founder's Grant/Dean's List
4 Ibrokhimov Bunyodbek Full Scholarship/Dean's List
5 Khamidov Farrukh Full Scholarship/Dean's List
6 Kholdarbekov Umar Full Scholarship/Dean's List
7 Elamanov Sherzod Half scholarship/Dean's List
8 Siyaev Aziz Davinci Scholarship/Dean's List
9 Mukimov Makhmudjon Founder's Grant/Dean's List
10 Toshpulatov Muhammadjon Half scholarship/Dean's List
11 Tulkinbekov Khikmatillo Half scholarship/Dean's List
12 Narziev Nematjon Half scholarship/Dean's List
13 Nasriddinov Botirjon Founder's Grant/Dean's List
14 Aliev Akhrorojon Half scholarship/Dean's List
15 Nazarov Javokhir Half scholarship/Dean's List
16 Yusupov Fayziddin Dean's List
17 Khodjaeva Yulduz Dean's List
18 Usmakhujaev Saidrasulkhon Dean's List
19 Anvarov Fazliddin Dean's List
20 Lyan Alina Dean's List
21 Abdukodirov Farkhodjon Dean's List
22 Tojiboev Rashid Dean's List
23 Akbarov Mashrabbek Founder's Grant/Dean's List


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Benefits for Pre-University students

Inha University in Tashkent provides following benefits to the students of the Pre-University courses:

  • Students will be exempted from taking the IUT entrance examination if they get 60 points for each subject during the final examination.
  • Only Pre-University students have a second chance to take the entrance examination.
  • First and second year students of colleges and academic lyceums will become the IUT students after a successful completion of their studies.
  • Pre-University students have an opportunity to use the university facilities.


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