Professor Juyeon Oh: I came to Uzbekistan to share and give all my knowledge and experience!

26 September

It is known that the education system and program of Inha University in Korea was fully implemented at Inha University in Tashkent (IUT). Therefore, the education process at IUT is strictly monitored by the Korean Professors and Education management from Inha University in Korea on a regular basis. The long lasting benefit from establishing IUT is that Uzbekistani students can acquire the high quality knowledge staying at their home country from the international professors, who proved to be professionals in their respective fields. Many competent professors from South Korea, USA, Italy, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan and India share the modern and high quality knowledge in various fields of science to Uzbekistani students.

Among them Professor Juyeon Oh is the only woman Professor, who came from South Korea to teach the high quality courses in the field of Business and Management to our IUT students. We recently met Professor Juyeon Oh and talked about her experiences here in IUT, and in Uzbekistan, in general.


Question: Professor Oh, can you tell us about yourself?

Answer: I was born in Seoul (South Korea) in 1977. From my earlier days at school, I was fond of math, and management sciences.  My father is mathematician by his profession, who devoted all his life, teaching math to the students in one of the Korean schools. I studied at Bachelor and Master Levels at Inha University in Korea, where later I started my professional career after working several years at famous companies in the field of management and marketing, which gave me the necessary practical experience. It should be noted that my Bachelor and Master studies at Inha University in Korea were free, because every semester I topped in the ranking of department students, and thus secured regularly the university scholarship. Later, I was admitted as a PhD student at Inha University in Korea, also based on university scholarship due to my high GPA and ranking. I completed successfully my PhD studies at Inha University in Korea in 2008, defending my PhD dissertation.

Question: Can you, please, share with us about your achievements?

Answer: We, Korean Professors, usually do not like to talk about our achievements, may be due to our humble culture. However, I want to make an exception and share with you about some of my achievements. I have been fond of swimming from my childhood and regularly trained in swimming pools. Two years ago, I became gold medal winner in freestyle swimming in South Korea Swimming Championship among the amateurs. At that time, I was so much happy and satisfied that with the hard and dedicated work I could achieve many goals I set in my life. In 2016, I received a title of “The Award for Teaching Excellence” of School of Business Administration in Korea, based on the highest score achieved by me in the lecture evaluation.

May be it was one of the reasons that in 2016 the President of Inha University in Korea and Management and Professors of Logistics Department in Korea recommended me to work at the newly established Logistics Department of Inha University in Tashkent. I accepted this offer without hesitation. Firstly, because I was eager to share all my knowledge and experience acquired in Korea with the students of the newly established Logistics Department in Uzbekistan. Moreover, it was a great challenge for me to help to bring the education level of Logistics Department at IUT to the level and standards of Logistics Department of Inha University in Korea.

 In my opinion, the last semester (Spring semester 2017) was successful for me. This is because I received really high score (94% out of 100%) in the lecture evaluation by my students at IUT, and it once again proved that with the hard and dedicated work one can achieve any goals.    


Question: Do you like and enjoy working at Inha University in Tashkent?

Answer: Frankly speaking, I liked it very much. I want to emphasize several things with respect to my working here and level of my satisfaction. Firstly, majority of Uzbekistani students at IUT are really eager and open to acquiring the quality university knowledge. While teaching to my students here, I have made sure that the level of Uzbekistani students in terms of knowledge and aptitude are not less than that of the Korean students. One important aspect that I like very much is that all the required conditions and facilities at the level of best international universities are available here at IUT for both the teaching professors as well as the students. Students here should make maximum use of such excellent conditions and facilities and study hard to acquire the quality knowledge from both international and local professors. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Uzbekistan Government and management of Inha University in Tashkent for creating such wonderful conditions and facilities necessary for our fruitful work here at IUT.     

Of course, some time is required for all the foreign professors in the beginning of their work here to get accustomed to the local conditions and specifics. Students of Inha University in Korea proved to be very kind to me and helped me a lot to get used to the life in Uzbekistan. In addition, Rector of IUT Mr. Sarvar Babakhodjaev, our former Rector Mr. Sherzod Shermatov, and First Vice Rector of IUT Dr. Woosug Cho have always supported and motivated me here, which helped me a lot to get used quite fast to the local conditions and life here. I express my sincere thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to these people.

I learned from many conversations with the local students here that they consider us – the Korean Professors as the symbols of Korean Inha University in Uzbekistan and as the necessary bridges between these two universities in Tashkent and Incheon. For example, within of one-year work here at IUT, based on my advices and recommendations, several Uzbekistani students were admitted to Logistics Department of Inha University in Korea, where they continue successfully their education nowadays. Of course, it pleases me very much and shows that my service and work here at IUT is important and needed for Uzbekistani students.

I have to add one very important aspect of the life in Uzbekistan, which I enjoy very much. I really admire the beautiful nature with mesmerizing mountains, fields and gardens of the sunny Uzbekistan, which, I am sure, produce the sweetest fruits in the world, which I never tasted before in my life. Not many countries in the world can boast having all the four seasons. Uzbekistan, having all these four seasons with their unforgettable beauty and unique colors, is often called a paradise land, which is not just the words, but also the reality, reflecting the natural beauty of this land and hospitality and kindness of its people.     

We, Uzbekistanis and Koreans, have many common things and resemblances in our cultures and traditions. I brought my family also here to Uzbekistan. I like and enjoy staying here in Uzbekistan with my family. If I have a chance, I would like to work my whole life here in Uzbekistan, sharing and giving all my knowledge and experience to the youths of Uzbekistan. No doubt, Uzbekistan is now my second homeland! And I came to Uzbekistan to share and give all my knowledge and experience!


Question: What can you advise to IUT students so that they become more successful in their studies and future career? What are your wishes to the students of Inha University in Tashkent?

Answer: So what is the key to a success? The most important factor to become successful in the field of IT, Logistics, or any other sphere, is a dedicated hard work for acquiring the theoretical and practical knowledge of the respective field. Youths should work hard regularly on themselves to become the qualified leading specialists in their future professions. In other words, the youths should make maximum use of their each free minute and, sometimes, forget about their sleeps to acquire the necessary knowledge. Time passes so fast and so we should not regret about the wasted time in the future. I stress again that the students must work hard and dedicatedly to become the qualified specialists and masters in their professions. Only with the hard and dedicated work, they can achieve the greatest aims in their life.      

Question: Is the Teachers’ and Mentors’ day celebrated in Korea as well?

Answer: We have Teacher’s day in South Korea, which is May 15. However, we do not celebrate it officially, as people do in Uzbekistan. The reason is that the Teacher’s day in Korea is a usual working day and the teachers do not have off day on that occasion. Therefore, I was amazed and pleased by observing the celebration of the teacher’s day here in Uzbekistan last year. The students prepared special and very nice performance for the professors and teachers in IUT last year. They congratulated us warmly and presented various gifts and souvenirs on this special occasion. I was impressed by the respect and attention given by Uzbekistan Government to the teachers and mentors here.   


- Thank you very much.


Benefits for Pre-University students

Inha University in Tashkent provides following benefits to the students of the Pre-University courses:

  • Students will be exempted from taking the IUT entrance examination if they get 60 points for each subject during the final examination.
  • Only Pre-University students have a second chance to take the entrance examination.
  • First and second year students of colleges and academic lyceums will become the IUT students after a successful completion of their studies.
  • Pre-University students have an opportunity to use the university facilities.


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