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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does INHA mean?

The name “INHA” is an abbreviation made from the combination of “IN” coming from Incheon city in Korea and "Ha" coming from Hawaii (USA), and it symbolizes historical Korean-American collaboration, which led to the creation of an advanced engineering school in 1954 in Korea. Inha University was established mainly with the support of Korean Government, domestic supporters in Korea, and the donations of Korean immigrants living in Hawaii at the time.

2. What is the study language in IUT?

All study programs in IUT are in English (not in Korean)

3. How much is the tuition fee?

USD 5000 per academic year, payable in Uzbek Soums at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.

4. Can I pay 50% of the tuition fee in the 1st Semester and the rest in the 2nd semester?

Yes, you can. Further notice will be announced on the IUT website.

5. Do the students get the monthly stipend?

No. IUT does not offer monthly payments to its students.

6. How many grants are offered at the entrance exam?

Ten grants are offered to the applicants who receive the highest scores at the entrance exam in Math and Physics (English is not included). These ten grants are provided by the 10 companies of Uzbekistan, which are the Founders of IUT. The students receiving the Founders’ grants are exempted from the tuition payments of IUT for the whole study period, but they will have to work for the sponsoring company for certain period of time.

7. If I win the Founders’ Grant, could I know who is going to be my sponsor? And with whom will I sign the contract?

Further notice will be announced on the IUT website before registration.

8. Is there any other financial support for studies at IUT?

Yes. Top 10 students with the highest academic performance (scores) from each semester, receive Academic scholarship, which will exempt the students from the full or the half of the tuition payment for the following semester, depending on the student’s grades.

9. Will the University admit the applicants additionally whose ranks fell below the selected number of applicants/ admission quota of IUT?

Yes. The applicants, who fell in the rank just below the admission quota/limit, might be included later in the admission list, if some of the already admitted students do not wish to study at IUT. In any case, IUT will keep the applicants informed about this matter. The additional list will be announced on September 1, 2015.

10. How can I apply for admission if I do not have IELTS (5.0 or higher) or TOEFL (IBT 60 or higher) certificate, or if I do not have enough time to get IELTS or TOEFL certificate before the admission deadline?

You can take IUT’s English Test, which will begiven two times (03.May.2015 and 05.July.2015) before the admission deadline. Taking IUT English test costs 150 000 Soums. Payment details can be found at IUT’s official website.

11. Does the “Rank” in the admission exam results, mean my total score?

The “Rank” means your ranking in your department (факультет) and it is determined based on your total score of the written Physics and Math examinations.

12. What is the difference between ICE department and CSE department?

ICE deals with essential parts of the information technologies, i.e. creation, modification and processing, transmission, storage and control of data and its application. And CSE comprises many core program languages, computer architecture, database and operation system and its applications and special emphasis will be made to System Integration (SI)

13. I have been admitted to ICE department, but I want to study at CSE department. Can I change the department in the 1st semester?

IUT allows students with excellent performance during study in IUT to change major when becoming 2nd year or 3rd year grade.

14. Does IUT provide dormitory?

Yes, but for the time being, IUT can provide only a limited number of rooms in the dormitory of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies. A modern style dormitory for IUT students will be built soon.

15. Does IUT send its students to Korea for study programs?

IUT was originally created, not with a purpose of sending the students to Korea, but to bring the world class academic standards and study opportunities of the prestigious Korean University to Uzbekistan. However, Inha University in Korea annually organizes 3-week “Summer School” event, offering lectures on Korean Language, Business Administration, Basic Engineering, etc. Inha’s Summer School program also includes the practice courses on learning Korean culture (Field trip). Application Fee for the “program is approximately US$ 1,200 (flight ticket costs are not included) in 2015.


16. About IUT English test:

(1) Should everybody take one of IUT English test?

NO! Only those who cannot submit the official score of IELTS or TOEFL IBT should take it in order to apply for IUT admission.

This IUT English test is an alternative to the expensive IELTS or TOEFL IBT. It is designed for students’ convenience for the first time this year. IUT offers two chances to show your proficiency in English

(2) How can we pay the IUT English test fee?

The home page of IUT ( has the corner to explain the detailed steps to pay the fee at bank.

(3) Should IUT pre-university students also pay the fee to take IUT English test?

Yes, they should.

However, they do not have to pay any fee for the year-end examinations (June 20, 2015), whose results will be used for admission to IUT. Anyone who fails the English exam at the year-end examination can take the additional IUT English test by paying the fee.

(4) Is English score (IUT English test, IELTS or TOEFL IBT) considered in making the rank for admission? No, it does not affect the admission selection. Its use is only to check if students are capable of studying in English at IUT.

(5) What kind of problems are asked in the IUT English Test?

There will be problems to check listening ability, reading comprehension and grammar. There are not any speaking problems.

(6) If I pass the IUT English Test, how can I prove it on my on-line application?

In the application form, there is a box of “English Score.” All you need to do is to check a box named as “IUT Test” and we will verify it automatically.

17. Are all scores of IELTS or TOEFL IBT acceptable for application? Is there a validity period?

Yes, there is.

In this year, the certificates issued only from August 1, 2013 till July 17, 2015 are acceptable.

Therefore, we would recommend you to check the date of issuance of IELTS or TOEFL IBT score. If it is out of those period you should take the IUT English test.

IUT will verify its score for every applicant.

18.  Can we know the contents and level of difficulties of Math and Physics examinations?

Yes, we have posted the last year’s exam problems of two subjects on our home page. It can be found under “Prospective Students”.

19. If I accepted the admission to IUT after all those examinations, are there other documents to submit?

Yes, there are!

A medical certificate (form 086)

A military services certificate (only for the applicants concerned)

A certificate or diploma from Litzey/College or equivalent from the school where applicant has studied.

Submission should be completed by August 31, 2015.

If you have any further questions regarding admissions, please contact Admissions office by calling +998712691418 or send an email to


Benefits for Pre-University students

Inha University in Tashkent provides following benefits to the students of the Pre-University courses:

  • Students will be exempted from taking the IUT entrance examination if they get 60 points for each subject during the final examination.
  • Only Pre-University students have a second chance to take the entrance examination.
  • First and second year students of colleges and academic lyceums will become the IUT students after a successful completion of their studies.
  • Pre-University students have an opportunity to use the university facilities.


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