In today’s competitive world, the earlier you start the better you are prepared. Right focus, right direction, right approach, right action and development of the values at right time ensure a successful life and career.  IUT Pre-University Course encourages students of lyceums and colleges and graduates to explore the academic possibilities at IUT. It enables students to experience college life and be well prepared to adapt to study at IUT.

The Pre-University Courses aim at utilizing the time, effort and full potential of students and preparing them for the entrance examinations to the universities and institutions of Uzbekistan. Social and intellectual development is encouraged through regular motivational campaigns and participation in various academic events. While taking care of school education and other exams, Pre-University Course students will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with students’ life at University and use the University’s facilities. Overall, this division brings positive changes to the student’s personality and embeds all ingredients of success deeply in mind to prepare students for all future academic challenges.

The following applicants are eligible to apply to the courses:

- students of lyceums and colleges

- graduates of lyceums and colleges

In order to be eligible to take the IUT Pre University Final test and claim a seat at IUT an applicant should take at least 2 core subjects throughout the Course in accordance with the chosen faculty.

If an applicant chooses to study at the School of Computer and Information Engineering, they HAVE TO study Mathematics and Physics at IUT Pre-University Course; English is not compulsory.

If an applicant chooses to study at School of Logistics, they HAVE TO study Mathematics and the English language at IUT Pre-University Course.

(Please note that those applicants who hold IELTS certificate with an overall band score required for particular departments, will be exempted from taking the English language course).


Benefits of the Pre-University Course

  • The Pre-University Program is unique since it is designed to provide continuity from a good preparation for the entrance examination to a solid foundation for future successful study at IUT   
  • Upon successful completion of the Pre-University Course, 30 % of the top students are guaranteed to become IUT students without taking entrance examination (students have to manage to get 60 % on average from Math and Physics; or be among the best 30 % of the total Pre-University student body)
  • Only Pre-University students have a second chance to take entrance examination to IUT
  • Pre-University students may apply for Grants
  • The Course fee is relatively cheaper compared to private tutoring
  • The Course is organized at IUT, which gives a unique chance to feel the atmosphere of the university campus and study process, as well as get an access to university facilities and study materials
  • Strict monitoring of the study progress allows to encourage hardworking students and dismiss those who are not willing to study
  • The faculty of the Pre-university Course are well qualified teachers, including native speakers in the English language preparation
  • Subjects are taught in three languages, including English 


Math courses

Math courses are designed as refresher courses and cover the upper-level secondary school material considered essential for related first-year university courses. You will learn to understand the necessary definitions and mathematical concepts needed and you will be trained to apply those and solve mathematical problems.​


Physics courses

Physics courses are for those perspective students, who want to improve their knowledge before taking a university Physics course. This course is intended to provide a general knowledge of the basic concepts of physics relating to conservation of momentum and energy, simple harmonic motion, gravitation and motion, waves, electric circuits, etc.​


English language

Continuing Education Center of IUT offers General English and IELTS preparatory courses. General English course are designed for anyone wishing to improve all aspects of their language (reading, writing, listening and speaking skills). Well-provided structure of the lessons, including strong grammar focus, clear vocabulary syllabus and integrated skills make the study process interesting and effective. A wide range of interactive activities combined with video lessons, which become more and more sophisticated and difficult as learners progress from one to another level, create favorable conditions for learners.

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is required for entry to several universities in Uzbekistan, including Inha University in Tashkent. The aim of IELTS preparatory courses is to help young people to prepare them with the skills required for the IELTS examination. This course is ideal for students who need to take the IELTS exam for the first time or for those who wish to improve their IELTS score. IUT Pre-University IELTS course consists of two stages: IELTS FOUNDATION and IELTS GRADUATION. The course is flexible and allows students to start exam preparation at several stages of their general English course.

How to apply

If you want to apply to Pre-University Course, please visit this page:


Benefits for Pre-University students

Inha University in Tashkent provides following benefits to the students of the Pre-University courses:

  • Students will be exempted from taking the IUT entrance examination if they get 60 points for each subject during the final examination.
  • Only Pre-University students have a second chance to take the entrance examination.
  • First and second year students of colleges and academic lyceums will become the IUT students after a successful completion of their studies.
  • Pre-University students have an opportunity to use the university facilities.


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Why IUT?


Why should I study at IUT?

The following article is available in Russian and Uzbek languages. 

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Why should I choose IUT?

It has been over 60 years since Inha University was established upon the ideals of leadership and expertise and service to the country.  

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Mission and objectives of the Inha University in Tashkent (IUT)

The central mission of Inha University in Tashkent is to achieve excellence in the undergraduate and graduate education.

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