Pre-University Guide

1. Education System

1. Education system is established and evaluated in collaboration with Inha University professors.

2. There are three levels of learning:

  • 1st Level: Basic
  • 2nd Level: Intermediate
  • 3rd Level: Advanced

3. English language program includes:

  • General English
  • Preparation for IELTS
  • Preparation for TOEFL

4. The level and group of students are subject to change based on the achievement of students after each Midterm examination.

  • Students should take midterm examinations after each trimester.


2. Lecture Time

  •  The whole course is 9 or 18 months
  •  Each subject is taught 2 or 3 times a week. Intensive course (five weeks a week) is also available.
  •  Each lesson is 80 minutes
  •  There are morning and afternoon shifts


3. Academic Calendar


Aug. 1-20, 2016 

Online registration, Document submission, Enrollment 

Aug. 22-23, 2016

Math / Physics / English Placement test 

Sept. 12, 2016

Start of the Course

March, 2017 

2nd Trimester examination 

June, 2017

3rd Trimester examination  

June-July 2017

Final exam

July  2017

Results announced


4. Examination System

1. Number of examination

  • 2 Trimester examinations / 4 Trimester examinations
  • Final examination

2. Benefit of studying at IUT Pre-University Courses

  • Successful graduates will be exempted from IUT Entrance Exams and become IUT student

  • Only Pre-University students can take part in IUT Entrance Exams to receive chance to win grants

  • The course tuition fee is much cheaper compared to services of private teachers

  • The Pre-University courses are conducted at IUT premises and students receive opportunity to feel atmosphere of education process at IUT, access to educational materials, facilities and teachers of the university

  • Strict monitoring of students’ progress: The best students will be awarded with the special prizes, unsuccessful students will be dismissed from the courses.

5.  Graduation

1. Graduation requirements

  • Students should complete 1 or 2-year program
  • Students should pass 2 trimester exams and final examination.
  • Students should get at least 60 points at final examination.

2. Certification

  • Certificate of successful completion

  • Certificate of completion

  • Certificate of attendance

         3. Invalid of graduation

  • If a student is absent without notice and reasonable excuse more than 6 times.
  • If a student disturbs other students in the study process, does not follow general rules and regulations of IUT.
  • If a student is not successful in passing mid-term and Final examinations.


IUT begins to accept applications for Pre-University Course

We are happy to announce that the Admissions process to IUT Pre-University Course is now open. We have two good news for our new generation of applicants.

Number one - from this year we are launching a two-year preparatory program. This was a long waited event since many parents have been requesting to provide this type of study program. From now on 1st and 2nd year students of academic lyceums and professional colleges have a great chance to study at Inha University preparatory courses for two years. This will enable them to improve their Math, Physics and English language skills further and be ready for an academic life at our University.

Number two – second-year lyceum and college students will have three opportunities to take entrance examination to IUT within a two year program.

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Why IUT?


Why should I study at IUT?

The following article is available in Russian and Uzbek languages. 

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Why should I choose IUT?

It has been over 60 years since Inha University was established upon the ideals of leadership and expertise and service to the country.  

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Mission and objectives of the Inha University in Tashkent (IUT)

The central mission of Inha University in Tashkent is to achieve excellence in the undergraduate and graduate education.

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