Non-tenure Track Professor Recruitment Notice for the 1st semester of 2023

◇ This notice is for foreigners applying for the following recruitment area.

□ Areas of Recruitment and Requirements

Department Areas Of Recruitment Requirements Opening Subject
School of


Convergence Studies

Financial management and Accounting Specialized Faculty in education and research

* Mandatory Requirement

– Professors with at least 20 years of teaching and research experiences or with equivalent experiences

(Currently enrolled faculty at IUT and Uzbeks can apply regardless of their experiences)

* Preference

– An experienced faculty from foreign universities, or local universities

– A researcher from foreign and local government(private included) research centers


Excellent field experience

* Mandatory Requirement

– A person with more than 20 years of related-industry work experiences or with equivalent experiences

* Preference

– A person with a qualified field experiences in the expertise


Common Criteria for applicants

– Doctoral degree holders and experienced lecturers at preferred universities

– A person who does not have a reason to be disqualified for overseas travel, as he/she will teach at IUT, Uzbekistan after the appointment

– A person who can give lectures in English

※ Responsible time 12 to 15 hours per week

0 Financial management and Accounting


□ General Information

◯ The employee will be appointed as non-tenure track professor focused on education, as of March 1st, 2023

◯ Please be advised that it is not possible to postpone the appointment date due to personal reasons

◯ The contract is for two years and can be renewed according to the evaluation criteria for contract renewal

◯ Master’s or higher degree holders who does not have a reason to be disqualified for the appointment as faculty at a private school (a person who is expected to obtain a master’s degree as of the application deadline is not eligible for the application)

◯ Video interview is available if applicants are at overseas, and partial airfare is provided if qualified as the final interviewee


□ Submission

Submission Period : September 7 (Wed) 2022 ~ September 21 (Wed), 2022 by 3 PM, Korean Standard Time

※ How to Apply : Online application only

※ All candidates are required to upload the documents online only. Postal submissions are not allowed.

※ All information of the required documents should be accurate. If wrong information, errors, or omissions are found at the required documents, the candidate will be excluded from the evaluation.

※ If a candidate does not complete the online submission by the deadline, the candidate will be disqualified.

※ How to Apply: Online


◯ Required Items

  1. Application

– Personal information, education, career, and etc.

  1. Research Papers

– Research papers from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2022 only are accepted.

(Only the ‘published’ papers are accepted; The papers scheduled to be published will not be accepted..)

– Available online, online accepted, DOI, on press, in press, early access, and Epub ahead of print are not accepted. Only the ‘volume’ and ‘page’ types of papers are accepted.

– Online research papers (papers published only on the web without any physically printed matters) in the form of ‘volume’ and have the ‘publication date’ will be accepted.

– Research papers not accepted: Research papers (proceedings) presented in domestic or international academic conferences in areas other than the field of CS (Computer Science, collection of university research papers, Type 1 or 2 Books, Textbooks, general books, research reports, other writings, and etc.

  1. Personal Statement

– Visit the online application page (//, and fill out the form.


Forms to be Submitted

  1. Undergraduate and Graduate School transcripts and diplomas

– A foreign university graduate: A copy of the diploma (If it is not in English, please attach an English translation.)

– If a candidate graduated from the university that does not provide any official transcripts, the candidate should submit other supporting documents which verify the candidate’s enrollment at the university.

– The supporting documents must verify his/her university entrance date, duration of study, course name and teaching method, and etc..


  1. Certificate of Employment

– All certificates of employment must be submitted, as it serves as the career evaluation.

– All certificates of employment should specify the followings; work departments, responsibilities, work period, and employment type(full/part). (If not specified, the additional salary-related documents such as withholding receipts should be submitted)

★ Various types of contracts, job offers or written confirmations of research project participations will not be accepted.

– When a certificate of employment is issued in a foreign language, a Korean translation should be submitted(with the candidate’s signature on the translation).

– When a candidate has worked as a lecturer or a non-tenure track professor (adjunct and visiting professors, etc.), he/she should submit the certificate with the total class hours of each semester.

– Part-time jobs or other extracurricular activities (for example, as a board member of an academic society), which are unrelated to the candidate’s lecture career, should not be entered


  1. Letter of Recommendation: Recommendations from two or more experts in the relevant field (to be submitted after the announcement of the 1st successful candidates)

– Recommendation letter is only required for the applicants who passed the 1st round.

As 2nd round will proceed shortly, it is recommended to prepare the letter in advance.

– Recommendation letters with signature, seal, and the date is valid

– How to apply: The recommender is asked to send a letter of recommendation by email.(

– There is no specific form for the letter of recommendation. The recommender is asked to scan, and send it to the email above, with his/her signature on the letter of recommendation.


  1. Copy of the evidence for All Research Papers

– All research papers published within the last 3 year (from September 2019 to August 2022)

– The Phd thesis which was published within the last 3 years can be listed on the candidate’s research papers.   However, the thesis cannot be accepted if the same contents have already been posted in a certified academic journal.

– Only the research papers published during the period of October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2022 will be accepted. Any papers before/after the designated period above will not be accepted.

– Papers that have not yet been published will not be accepted.

– As for online academic journals, only those whose publication year and month, volume and page numbers are specified will be accepted.


  1. Course Syllabus (File name when you upload : Course syllabus_applicant’s name)

Application Schedule

– Announcement on Successful Candidates of the 1st round : October 19(Wednesday) 2022

– 2nd round (Presentation and in-depth interview): November 24, (Mon) ~ October 28 (Fri), 2022

Detailed schedule to be announced after the announcement on successful candidates of the 1st round

– Announcement on Successful Candidates of the 2nd round: November 4(Fri) 2022

– 3rd round (final interview): November 7(Mon) ~ November 18(Fri) 2022

※ Above Schedule is subject to change according to the circumstances.


  1. Passport Copy Only for Foreigners



– You are responsible for any disadvantage arising from errors, false information and lack of documents on your application. If any information is found to be false, appointment will be canceled.

– Cross-applications are not available in all areas of recruitment.

–  All information entered online can be re-accessed and revised during the online application period. However, the information will not be revised after the application period ends.(at 15:00 on September 21st, 2022 – Korean Time)

– First and second round results will be notified to the e-mail addresses written on your application

– In case that no one is deemed qualified, the recruitment may not be made based on Section 4 Article 3 of the “Educational Civil Employment Ordinance, “(Recruitment for University Faculty)

– Received documents will not be returned



Postal Address

Inha University 100 Inha-ro, Michuhol-Gu

Office of Academic Human Resources (University Main Building #142)

Incheon, 22212, KOREA

Tel : 032) 860-7051, 7053



Course Syllabus

Name Recruitment Area
※ Please fill out course syllabi for the subjects (two or more) you can teach after the appointment. (Free format)






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