Frequently asked questions

For Prospective Students Studying at Inha University in Tashkent

1. What kind of majors are there at IUT?

There are two main areas of studies at IUT:
      — SOCIE (School of Computer and Information Engineering)
      — SBL (School of Business and Logistics)

 SOCIE is divided into 2 departments:
      — CSE (Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering)
      — ICE (Department of Information and Communication Engineering)

 SBL consists of following departments:
      — Department of Business Administration
      — Department of Logistics.

2. In what language IUT courses are taught?

All courses are taught only in English at IUT.

3. What kind of degree can be obtained at IUT?

Students who have successfully completed a full (four) years of study and met the graduation requirements will receive a Bachelor’s degree.

CSE: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering
ICE: Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Engineering

SBL: Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics

4. Am I required to study Korean at IUT?

No. You are not required to study Korean at IUT, as the courses offered at IUT are taught only in English. However, you may take courses titled “Basic Korean 1” and “Basic Korean 2”, which are not mandatory but elective courses.

5. Is the diploma awarded at IUT internationally recognized?

Yes.The diploma is recognized internationally. The diploma awarded at IUT grants students a qualification to get a job or study further at a graduate school all over the globe as a bachelor degree holder.

6. Does the diploma awarded at IUT require any nostrification in the Republic of Uzbekistan?

No. There is no requirement of diploma nostrification when you apply for work either at local companies or government offices.

7. Is there any scholarship available for students at IUT?

Yes. IUT offers the following types of scholarships: state scholarships and academic excellence scholarships.

State scholarships are given to approximately 100 prospective students, who take the scholarship-based entrance exam and gain the highest score by ranking, to cover the full tuition fee until graduation by the Uzbek government (the quota for the upcoming academic year has not been confirmed yet).

Academic Excellence Scholarship is granted to students with the highest GPA rankings (academic performance). Each semester, 15 academic excellence scholarships (full/half) are offered to students selected from both departments (SOCIE: 10 students(4 full and 6 half), SOL: 5 students(2 full and 3 half)) based on their previous semester’s GPA, calculated separately for each undergraduate level (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior). Full scholarship covers the full tuition fee for one semester, while half scholarship covers the half tuition fee for one semester. Students who have completed 16 academic credits or more in the previous semester and received a GPA of 4.0 and higher are eligible for Full Scholarship and 3.7 and higher for Half Scholarship.

8. When is the vacation or break period for students?

IUT students have a summer vacation (the end of spring semester in May ~ till September) and a winter vacation (about 5~6 weeks in December ~ January). The period may vary. IUT informs students about the vacation period in advance.

9. I am currently a student in other university. Can I transfer to IUT?

Currently, IUT does not support transfer programs from other universities.

10. Is there any chance for handicapped students to apply for IUT?

Yes. IUT does not put any restrictions for handicapped/disabled students, but fully allows them to compete on entrance examinations among other applicants. Facilities of IUT are fully and accordingly equipped including elevators, open spaces, recreational areas, and the interiors of the buildings.

11. Do you have a lyceum under IUT?

There is no lyceum under IUT. Currently IUT focuses on the development of higher education.

12. Can current IUT students transfer their studies to Inha University in Korea?

Current IUT students can transfer their studies to Inha University in Korea. However, IUT students should comply with the graduation requirements of Inha University in Korea.

13. Do IUT graduates have chance to work abroad?

IUT directs its efforts to educate students to be highly skilled specialists. IUT graduates having necessary technical and language skills will be able to work at domestic and global companies in Uzbekistan as well as in foreign countries.

14. Can IUT students participate in Summer Work and Travel program, which is organized by the Embassy of the USA in Tashkent?

Each year, the Embassy of the USA in Tashkent organizes a Summer Work and Travel program. Students who are interested in the program may visit the website below to get more information. However, IUT is not affiliated with the program.


15. How can I apply for IUT?

Applicants must go through an online application via the official website of IUT.

For Admission Guideline, please check this page
For domestic applicants, please use this link.
For international applicants, please use this link

16. When is the deadline for the application of the 1st Entrance Exam?

Online application for the 1st entrance exam is open at 10:00am, March 18th (Monday), 2024, and lasts by 5:00 pm, April 26th(Friday), 2024.

17. Is it possible to apply for both areas (SOCIE and SBL) at the same time?

No. The students can apply for either SOCIE or SBL, not both, on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd entrance exam.

Please note that the students who passed a contract-based exam (either SOCIE or SBL program) and completed the registration by the due date, are not allowed to take another contract-based exam.

The students who pass the 1st entrance exam (either SOCIE or SBL program) are allowed to take the SOCIE scholarship-based exam for the 2nd entrance exam, but they must complete their registration by the due date; otherwise, their qualification as the successful candidates of the 1st entrance exam will be no longer valid and canceled.

18. Am I still eligible to apply for the entrance exam without an official English test score?

Yes. But those students who pass the entrance exam MUST submit either IELTS or TOEFL iBT certificates by the due date. Please note that there is no extension to the submission due date.

Division Submission Due Date Note
IUT Entrance Exam Admission (1st exam / 2nd exam) successful candidates

Pre-University Final Exam Admission successful candidates
Jul 26, 2024 (Fri) Only test score results obtained after Jul 27, 2022 are acceptable
IUT Entrance Exam Admission (3rd exam) successful candidates
Aug 23, 2024 (Fri)
Only test score results obtained after Aug 24, 2022 are acceptable
19. How many times entrance exams will be held in IUT?

IUT Entrance Examination will be held – three times, and Pre-University Final Examination – once:

1st Exam — May 4(Sat) ~  May 5 (Sun)
2nd Exam — Jun 21 (Fri) ~ Jun 23 (Sun)
3rd Exam — Jul 27(Sat)
Pre-University Final Exam — Jun 24 (Mon)

20. Is it possible to apply for IUT as a second major if I have already completed my bachelor degree at other university?

Yes. But applicants who apply for IUT as a second major, are required to carry out all the application procedures as other applicants who completed Lyceum/College do.

21. Is it required to submit the original diploma during application?

No. Those applicants who are lyceum, college or high school graduates are required to upload a scanned version of the original diploma or the verification of graduation on the online application website. (for domestic applicants: //, for international applicants: //

Those applicants who are graduates-to-be in the first half of the year 2024 are required to upload a scanned version of the verification of expected graduation on the online application website. (for domestic applicants: //, for international applicants: //

But the original diploma must be submitted before being enrolled to IUT as a newly admitted student.

22. Are there any other documents required to submit after admitted to IUT?

Yes. Once the admissions process is completed, successful applicants must submit the following original documents to IUT during Payment Contract receiving period:

– a military services certificate (only for male students);
– a certificate of diploma from Lyceum/College or an equivalent certificate from the school where the applicant has studied.
– photo 3.5×4.5 (4 pieces) taken in last 3 months.

23. Is it possible to submit any original documents by fax or online?

No. Prospective students are required to submit those original documents mentioned in the question 21 and 22 above by themselves.

24. When is the 1st Entrance Examination going to be held?

1st Entrance exams will be held on following dates:
SOCIE — May 4 (Saturday) 2024

SBL — May 5 (Sunday) 2024.
The exam time is to be announced on the IUT website..

25. What kind of examination will be held for SOCIE in the 1st Entrance Exam?

Type: Written Test (30 Multiple Choice Questions)
Subjects: 30 Math questions
Time: 60 minutes

26. What kind of examination will be held for SBL department in the 1st Entrance Exam?

Type: Written Test (30 Multiple Choice Questions)
Subjects: 30 Math questions
Time: 60 minutes

27. When will the results of the 1st entrance examination be announced?

The results of the 1st entrance examination will be announced by May 14 (Tuesday) 2024. The link of successful applicants will be posted on the IUT website

28. Is the entrance examination of IUT related to STC (State Test Center) of Uzbekistan?

No, IUT entrance examination is not related to the STC of Uzbekistan. It is fully carried out by the sole responsibility of Inha University in Korea.

30. When is the deadline for a tuition payment?

The successful candidates for the 1st entrance examination must complete their registration for deposit by 5:00 pm on May 21 (Tue), 2024; otherwise, the qualification of successful candidates will no longer be valid and canceled.

32. Does IUT send its students to INHA University in Korea for a cultural study program?

Yes. INHA University in Korea annually organizes a 3-week “International Summer School » event, and IUT sends 10 students (tuition-free) selected on a competition basis.
*Note: This program is subject to change or is canceled due to unexpected situations such as natural disasters and epidemic diseases.

33. I am older than most of applicants. Does this affect my admission?

There is no age restriction or discrimination in applying for IUT. IUT welcomes applicants of any age for our prospective students.

34. I am a citizen of other country (Not Uzbekistan). Can I apply for IUT as an international student?

Yes. IUT has a special admission for international students. Please refer to International Student Special Admission on our website (Admission Guideline).
An applicant who holds a foreign passport can apply for IUT as an international student. However, those students who hold a Korean passport are not eligible for International Student Special Admission. Applicants with dual citizenship (Korean and other country) are also regarded as Korean citizens.

35. We are a company based in Uzbekistan. Can we invite IUT students to do internship at our company?

IUT encourages students to participate in real practices to gain valuable experience. For companies who are interested in attracting internship students from IUT, please contact the Department of Student Affairs at for detailed information.

If you have any other questions regarding admissions, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office by calling +998-71-289-9999 (ext. 0400) or sending an email at, writing directly to @askinhabot, as well.