Curriculum and Course Introduction


Courses Offered at Inha University in Tashkent for 1st and 2nd semester (Tentative)

  • Pre-MBA courses
— Fundamental Business Concepts for Managers
— Introduction to ICT for Managers 
  •  Business Administration courses
— Digital Marketing
— Rethinking Customers and Processes in Digital Transformation
— Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
— Global Business and Digital Transformation
— Economics for Managers
— Global Logistics and Transportation Management
  •  ICT-related courses
— Intelligent Digital Transformation

— Initiating Successful Projects Using Big Data Analytics
— Blockchain Technology and Business Applications
— Cloud Computing and Business Applications
  • Courses Offered at Inha University in Korea for 3rd and 4th semester
— Business Administration courses (TBA)
— ICT-related courses (TBA)