Departments (CSE)


IUT offer excellent programs with strong practical and theoretical backgrounds essential for students to apply their knowledge to real world problems. The CSE program consists of courses with theories and experiments to train top-notch domain experts to be ready to face the challenges of a fast developing world.


Program Goals

Train domain experts with knowledge of both hardware and software as well as basic science.

Promote the ability to apply their knowledge to solve the real world problems by offering planning activities and collaborative class projects.

Educate students in ethics which are especially important for leaders and international communication skills as preparation for international technology change.

Program Objectives

Year 1:  Mathematics, physics, other basic science, and survey courses.

Year 2:  Basic computer science courses according to undergraduate curriculum.

Year 3:  Courses related to software and hardware such as computer architecture, programming languages and operating systems, and design courses such as application of microprocessors and design of embedded software.

Year 4:  Advanced courses such as database, algorithm, computer network, artificial intelligence, compilers, software engineering and computer security.

Vision after Graduation 

According to the statistics for the past five years, the graduates of Inha University Korea have shown their talent at large corporations (Samsung, LG Electronics, Hyundai, Samsung SDS, LG CNS, MBN, Sambo Computers, Lotte Information and Communications) as well as government agency, financial institutions, research laboratories, schools, and startup companies.

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