Strategic Information Technology Leadership Program

The Strategic Information Technology Leadership Program is designed to empower Chief Information Officers (CIOs) with the essential knowledge, skills, and strategic vision necessary to drive innovation, align IT initiatives with business objectives, and effectively lead technology-driven transformation within their organizations

Program structure:

  • Data management and Analytics
  • Rethinking business processes
  • Talent and performance management
  • Cyber Security and IT Risk management
  • The Stanford method of Innovation(Mind change)
  • IT management
  • Financial management

Delivery Format:

This non-degree program will be delivered through a blend of online lectures, interactive workshops, case studies, and real-world projects. Participants will have access to a learning management system (LMS) for course materials, collaboration, and assessments. The program is designed to be completed over 6 months, allowing participants to balance their learning with their professional responsibilities. After educational part, the visit to Silicon Valley is planned , where the focus is on forging international connections that open the door to expansive business opportunities. Elevate your vision and seize the chance to thrive in the heart of technological innovation!

Assessment and Certification:

Participants will be assessed through individual and group assignments and presentations. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certification recognizing their expertise in strategic information technology leadership with acknowledgement of all educational partners.

Program Faculty:

The program will be facilitated by a distinguished faculty comprising experienced CIOs, industry experts, and academics with a strong background in strategic IT leadership.

This educational program aims to equip CIOs with the strategic mindset and practical skills needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of technology leadership, driving organizational success through effective and innovative IT strategies.

Educational Partners and Guests

Ministry of digital technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Sigma Co. (Sweden)

Trend Micro (Japan)

University of Munster (Germany)

Exadel (USA)

EPAM systems Uzbekistan

Google (USA)

Amazon (USA)

University of California Berkley (USA)

Stanford University (USA)


Microsoft (USA)

Course language

Russian, English ( preferably due to the visit to Silicon Valley )

Course starting date

Course starts  20th April – 2024, every Saturday (except holidays), from 10:00 ~17:00.

Course prices

Full course including visit to Silicon valley (USA): $10000

Full course excluding visit to Silicon valley (USA): $3500

Special prices for IUT alumni and partners.

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