Please note that tuition for domestic students (Citizens of Uzbekistan) shall be paid in Sums (Uzbek currency) and international students (foreign passport holder) in US Dollars.


Domestic Students

International Students








Bank details:

Recipient: Университет Инха в городе Ташкенте
ИНН:  302913673
МФО: 00401
Recipient’s bank: АТ “Алокабанк”
Payment account:  2021 0000 9003 1446 1001

The contract can be download here.

Instructions for paying the tuition fee online

Currently, IUT students can transfer tuition fees using the, mobile applications.

Instructions for the App

  1. Go to the application, select the section “Education”
  2. Find in this section – Inha (by text or by clicking on the logo), the name of the University.
  3. Type of payment: ➡️ Contract payment ➡️ For loss of ID card ➡️ Payment for entrance exams.
  4. To make a payment, you must enter the ID (personal student ID)

Note: it is possible to pay an amount from 200 thousand to 6 million soums.

Instructions for the Payme App

  1. Go to the application, select the section “Education”
  2. Find the Inha logo in this section. Light background of the logo ➡️ payment for students, dark background ➡️ payment is possible for applicants (abiturient)
  3. For applicants(abiturient), enter the existing applicant ID and payment amount.
  4. For students, enter the student ID, indicate the required payment amount and make the payment.

IMPORTANT! Please note that you must enter your ID correctly. Below is an example of correct and incorrect ID entry

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