Mission of Inha University in Tashkent

The central mission of Inha University in Tashkent is to achieve excellence in the undergraduate and graduate education. IUT provides superior and comprehensive educational opportunities at various levels to students and professionals. IUT contributes to the advancement of society and nation through creative activity, scholarly development of new knowledge, research, and public service.

The core objective is to educate leaders of the future in technology, industry, and business and other professions, who will contribute to the development of the nation and human society. 

Core values are learning, discovery, leadership, individual opportunity and responsibility. Learning and teaching in IUT are guided by the belief that undergraduate, graduate and professional students and teachers are members of one scholar community. In addition, the community should provide students with a fundamental in-depth understanding of broad range of disciplines. Discovery, creativity and innovation are the heart of expanding knowledge and human understanding and seeking the truth and foreground of the leadership. IUT offers many opportunities by interdisciplinary and fusion programs with many options and diverse ideas to the students. Responsibility and morality is an essential virtue of an individual as a leader of the community and a catalyst for positive change in the Nation and beyond.

University slogan:  “Successfulls are here!”

IUT Symbols

The symbolism is emblazoned with a modified form of a shield, to represent the university and its protection of the truth. The pure white 仁 overlaid at the top, indicates the first letter of 仁荷(Inha), while the founding year of the university is firmly positioned at the base of the shield in white. The sky blue and deep blue on the shield represent the infinite flight and development of Inha as it aims toward the sky and sea.

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