For students

Inha University in Tashkent has created a unique platform for two-way interaction between companies and students.

Only for students of Inha University in Tashkent, we have created the opportunity to choose the best internships from companies in two clicks.

How to use it?
The student needs to register on the website and place information about himself. After filling, info in the form of a summary will be displayed to companies.

Why is it convenient?
Now you do not need to search for internships and monitor several different sites. Information will be constantly updated on the platform, both from students and from companies, which will significantly improve the results.

⚡️From March 13, the platform will operate in full mode

For companies

Companies have a unique opportunity to post information for recruiting interns and select the best students of their choice.

How to use it?
Companies need to register on the website and post information about themselves. After filling, the information will be approved by the program administrator and you can post information about available internship vacancies, this information will be displayed to students.