Successful students

One more graduate of IUT, Nuriddin Iminohunov, created the Google Developer Group Tashkent (GDG Tashkent)community. Heis the organizer of the ​GDG DevFest festival.

«During my studies atthe IUT, I received a huge and invaluable of knowledgein the field of operating systems: which is mobile programming,number theory, artificial intelligence, an introduction to business administration and information security».

A graduate of IUT, Yulduz Khodjaeva, worked as a programmer for more than one and half year at Fido Business, one of the largest developers, suppliers of information systems, and technological solutions for the state, banking and industrial sectors of Uzbekistan.

«During my studies at the IUT, I received a lot of useful knowledge and skills that helped me achieve certain successesand find a good job. Immediately afterstudying, I was hire by a programmer in a large domestic company. I am currently traveling to Canada to continue my MBA. The university opens the door for students to life and gives many opportunities for self-realization».

Abdulloh Askarov, a final year student at IUT is currently the only Microsoft Student Partner in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. In addition to promoting the services of a global company, a University student conducts various events in the regionsofUzbekistanof Microsoft aimed at developing IT education. Uzbekistan is gradually appearing on the Microsoft world map as a country of opportunities.

«Last year, group of IUT students and under the guidance of IUT Professor Francis Tai Now, we developed a unique C-Vision artificial vision system. The program was originally create as a class work, but gradually transformed into a promising project. Already many companies and departments have shown interest in our development».