Academic Excellence Scholarship

Inha University in Tashkent recognizes the academic excellence of students by offering Academic Scholarship. Academic scholarship is granted every semester to students with the highest GPA rankings (academic performance).

Each semester, 15 academic excellence scholarships (full/half) are offered to students selected from both departments (SOCIE – 10 students(4 full and 6 half), SBL – 5 students(2 full and 3 half)) based on their previous semester’s GPA, calculated separately for each undergraduate level (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior).

Full scholarship covers the full tuition fee for one semester, while half scholarship covers the half tuition fee for one semester.

Eligibility for full or half scholarship:

  • Completed 16 academic credits or more in the previous semester
  • Received grade point average (GPA) for the previous semester:
  • 4.0 and above are eligible for the full grant;
  • 3.7 and above are entitled to half the grant.

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