A graduate of IUT received the position of Android engineer in the Google Gmail team

Muhammadjon Toshpulatov – a graduate of Inha University in Tashkent received the position of Android engineer in the Google Gmail team (Canada)

1) Muhammadjon, please tell us, how did you come to Canada?

I graduated from Inha University in Tashkent and planned to get my master’s degree abroad. After graduating from Inha University in Tashkent, while working in Uzbekistan, I applied to several universities in Canada and Australia.

After being accepted to several universities, I chose Dalhousie University in Canada. The main reasons why I chose this university were the opportunity to win a grant, the amount of the contract and the opportunity to work after graduation. I started studying in January 2020.

My major at Dalhousie University was computer science. The program is designed for two years. In the first year, students master mainly related subjects. In the second year, students will participate in research, write a thesis and defend it. During their studies, students are under the guidance of professors.

I successfully defended my thesis in December 2021. The graduation ceremony took place in May 2022.

2) Was it difficult to adapt to a new country and a new university?

Of course, at first moving to a new country requires adaptation. At first it was hard for me, but as I got used to the weather and lifestyle, everything became easier.

By the end of the first course, I began to participate in scientific work. Before starting my second year, I received a one-time grant from the faculty for high grades, and then a grant for research. This was enough to pay for the second year of study.

Toward the end of my studies, I was accepted for an internship at Microfocus in Canada under the Mitacs Accelerate program. For four months I was engaged in machine learning and cybersecurity. In March 2022, I successfully completed my internship.

3) We know that you recently received an offer from a world famous company. Tell us about the selection process and how do you like your current job?

By the time I graduated, I had already begun the job search process by doing an internship at Microfocus. I decided to start with the first big companies in the IT industry. In February 2022, I saw a job posting for a software engineer on the Google job site. When I read the ad, I immediately started applying.

A week later, I received an email from Google. Then I was invited to the first call. I set a date for the interview and started preparing.

For information, the interview consists of many stages, which are mainly focused on “Data Structures and Algorithms” and knowledge in a specific area (Android, iOS, Front-end, Back-end). So, in three months I successfully passed several stages. In May, the letter I had been waiting for finally arrived. I was officially offered a job: Android programming in the Google Gmail team.

After reading the offer and receiving answers to my questions within a few days, I accepted the job.

The office is located in the city – Waterloo.

I knew Google was a big company, but I realized how big it was when I got there. There’s a lot I don’t know yet and I’m slowly learning. The company has created excellent conditions for employees: medical insurance, convenient schedule, sports facilities, two or three free meals a day in the company, transfers to and from work, and much more.

All we have to do is respect each other and do our job well.

4) As one of the successful graduates of Inha University in Tashkent, what wishes and advice can you give to current students?

There is no doubt that Inha University in Tashkent produces many talented people. I often hear about it on social media and in the news.

Here are some tips for students or recent graduates:

  1. Set big goals and work towards them. The key is to learn (albeit slowly) and grow.
  2. Don’t just make a lot of money. If you’re already earning a big salary, don’t stop there. Today, new technologies appear in the field of programming every year. So keep improving.
  3. Some students cannot decide which direction of programming to choose, one day choosing Android, and if it is difficult, then the next day choosing Back-end. This happened to me at the beginning. I advise students in this situation to choose a direction that they are interested in and study it slowly, even if it is difficult in this direction. “Consistency is the key to success.”
  4. Share useful information you know with other people.

Also, I wish all students good luck in their studies and endeavors!