Pre-University Courses

About preparatory courses

Preparatory courses of the Continuing Education Center at Inha University in Tashkent are courses for high school students (10-11th grades) to prepare for entrance exams of higher educational institutions. The main subjects taught in the preparatory courses are mathematics, physics and English.

Students can choose the language of instruction: Russian or Uzbek.

For the convenience of students, there are 2 course shifts: morning (9.00-13.00) and daytime (14.00-18.00). The duration of one lesson is 80 minutes.

Classes are held 3 times a week.

The training program is designed for 9 months.


Curriculum and learning process

The curriculum of the preparatory courses is developed by the leading teachers of the Continuing Education Center, Inha University in Tashkent in cooperation with professors of INHA University (South Korea).

Before the start of the course, all the participants must be tested in the subjects that they intend to study in the preparatory courses. Based on the test results, students are divided into groups according to their level of knowledge.

An introductory test is carried out once before the start of the course. Information about the dates, time and place of testing is announced in advance by the Continuing Education Center.
If a student improves his level of knowledge as a result of attending preparatory courses, then he has a chance to change his group.

Students take a midterm exam every month and a trimester exam at the end of the trimester. Based on the results of the midterm and trimester exam, the student is sent to a group by level.

In order to take part in the final examinations of the preparatory courses, students must complete at least two main subjects throughout the course, in accordance with the chosen faculty.

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