Who can apply for preparatory courses?

10-11 graders, as well as students of lyceums.

How much does the preparatory course cost?

Tuition fees may change. Please specify the cost of training at the Continuing Education Center.

When should the tuition fee be paid?

The tuition fee must be paid in advance at the beginning of each trimester.

What is the registration procedure?

Registration of applications from 1 to 20 August. The entrance test will be held on August 22-23. Dates may be changed.

How can I enroll my child in preparatory courses?

Please visit the inha.uz page for information on the registration process for preparatory courses.

What subjects do you teach in the preparatory courses?

3 subjects: mathematics, physics, English (preparation for IELTS)

Can I study only one subject, such as physics or mathematics?

If a student wants to enter Inha university in Tashkent at the Faculty of SOCIE, then physics and mathematics are required. If you enter the faculty of SBL, then mathematics is required. For preparatory courses, you need to take at least 2 subjects.

In what language are the preparatory courses taught?

Preparatory courses in mathematics and physics are conducted either in Uzbek or in Russian. From the second trimester, midterm and trimester exam questions are presented in English.

How many days/hours per week do I have to come to class?

Each subject is taught 3 times a week.

How many levels are there in the math and physics curriculum?

The program of preparatory courses in mathematics or physics offers 4 levels. 1 and 2 – advanced, 3 – intermediate, 4 – basic.

Level of groups in mathematics and physics

1-Advanced (60-80%)

2-Very good (40-60%)

3-Satisfied (<40%)

4-Beginners (0-20%)


What do I study in English lessons?

Students study General English and prepare for IELTS exams. English courses are divided into several levels: level 1, which is designed for IELTS target band 5.5; level 2 – target band 6.5 and level 3 – target band 7.5

English group levels


2- Pre-intermediate

3- Elementary 

Can students change their level?

The student can upgrade or downgrade after each trimester assessment.

Who supervises midterms?

Intermediate exams are conducted by teachers of the Center with the participation of proctors.

Who supervises trimester exams?

Trimester exams are supervised by the Korean partners of INHA University.

Is there a system of grants in preparatory courses?

No. Successful students may retake the written exams of Inha university in Tashkent if they are interested in receiving grants.