1. Question: Who can apply for admission to Pre-University?

Answer: 1st~3rd grade students who study at lyceums and colleges or graduates. Foreign students are eligible to apply to IUT.

2. Question: What kind of subjects do you teach in Pre-University Program?

Answer: 3 subjects: Math / Physics / English (including preparation for IELTS and TOEFL). 2. Math/Physics are compulsory, English is elective.

3. Question: Can I study only one subject, for example Physics or Mathematics?

Answer: Mathematics and Physics are compulsory if a student wants to take IUT Pre- University Final examination. Pre-University course students who successfully pass this examination will be exempted from taking main entrance examination to IUT.

4. Question: How I can register my child to Pre-University courses at IUT?

– Please visit this page //inha.uz to receive information on registration process to Pre-University courses.

5. Question: What is the language of Pre-University courses?

– Pre-University courses in Mathematics and Physics are conducted either in Uzbek or Russian.

6. Question: What do I study in Mathematics class?

Answer: The detailed information can be found here.

7. Question: How many levels are there in the curriculum of Mathematics or Physics?

Answer: The IUT Pre-University Mathematics program offers three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, depending on the students’ mathematical knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

8. Question: What do I study in Physics class?

Answer: The detailed information can be found here

9. Question: What do I study in English class?

Answer: Students will study General English and prepare for IELTS or TOEFL examination.

10. Question: Who supervises the IUT Pre- University Final examination?

Answer: IUT Pre- University Final examination is supervised by INHA University (Korea).

11. Question: How long does the Placement test take?

Answer: Time limit for Mathematics and Physics is 1 hour each. English test is 2 hours.

12. Question: What language is used at Mathematics/Physics/English at advanced level?

Answer: The advanced level classes are taught in English.

13. Question: Can students change their levels (from Basic to Intermediate)?

Answer: Student can level up or down after the evaluation of each trimester.

14. Question: How many days/hours a week should I come to lessons?

Answer: Each subject is taught two or three times a week. Intensive course (five times a week) is available on demand.

15. Question: What are my chances of becoming the IUT student after completion of Pre-University courses?

Answer: Students are exempted from taking the IUT entrance Mathematics/Physics exams if they get more than 60 points for each subject in the IUT Pre- University Final examination.

16. What documents are needed to apply for Pre-University course?

Answer: Application form (can be downloaded from IUT web site), 4 photos, a copy of passport, and a certificate of enrolment/completion of studies in Lyceum/College. Applicants can submit their applications on-line.

17. Question: How much is the tuition fee?

Answer: Tuition fee is subject to change. Please clarify tuition fee at the Continuing Education Center.

18. Question: What is the registration procedure?

Answer: Application registration is from the 1st August till the 20th August. The Placement test will be held on 22-23 August. Payment deadline is the 12th September. Dates are subject to change.

19. Question: When the Tuition Fee is paid?

Answer: Tuition Fee should be paid in advance at the beginning of each trimester.

20. Question: Can we pay 50% of each trimester?

Answer: NO, students who delay the payment WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to attend their lessons.

21. Question: Will 1st and 2nd year students be exempted from taking the IUT entrance Math/Physics exams if they get more than 60 points for each subject in the IUT Pre- University Final examination?

Answer: YES, but they should graduate the lyceum or college and afterwards they will be enrolled to the IUT.

22. Is there grant system at Pre-University?

Answers: NO, successful students can take the IUT written exams again if they are interested in receiving grants such as the Founders’ grant.