IELTS Exam Preparation

1. Education System

1. Education system is established and evaluated in collaboration with Inha University professors.

All entering applicants are required to take a Placement Test in the subjects they are going to take at IUT Pre-University Course. The test might only be taken once before the Course starts. The information regarding the Placement test dates, time and venue is uploaded on the website 2 weeks before the Test.

To be eligible to take the IUT Pre University Final test an applicant should take at least 2 core subjects throughout the Course in accordance with the chosen faculty.

2. There are three certificates to be awarded:

Certificate of Successful Completion (3rd year students and graduates). Letter of Conditional Acceptance (1st and 2nd year students only). Certificate of Attendance (those who do not apply to university).

3. The level and group of students are subject to change based on the achievement of students after each Midterm examination.

Students should take midterm examinations after each trimester.

4. English language program includes:

General English Preparation for IELTS Preparation for TOEFL

2. Lecture Time

Continuing Education Centre offers 1- and 2-year courses that last for 9-10 months. There are three subjects – Mathematics, Physics and English – which are taught 2 or 3 times a week. Intensive course (five days a week) is also available. Each lesson is 80 minutes There are morning and afternoon shifts

3. Disciplinary Liability

Students of Pre-University should follow the rules:

Be polite to all students, faculty, staff and visitors of the University. Avoid loud talking (on the phone too), shouting, behaving defiantly and running along the corridors. Attend all scheduled classes on time. Use tablets, recorders, players, cameras and other electronic devices in class only with the permission of the teacher. Take care of the University’s property and equipment, respect private property and keep the campus clean.

3. Academic Calendar

Aug. 1-20, 2017

Online registration, Document submission, Enrollment 

Aug. 22-23, 2017

Math / Physics / English Placement test 

Sept. 18 2017

Start of the Course

December 2018 

1st Trimester examination 

March 2018 2nd trimester examination 

July 2018

Final exam

July  2018

Results announced