Breaking stereotypes about IT students

Students of Inha University in Tashkent are versatile personalities!
Our hero today is a 1st year student of SOCIE faculty, Djavad Reza, whom you probably often saw at various events at the university🤩. He will answer our questions.
1) Is it true that all IT students are only interested in computer technology?
No that’s not true. Computers are, of course, an integral device in the life of an IT specialist, but besides that, each person is individual and has other hobbies.
2) Do you have enough time for other hobbies?
Generally, I have time to perform for IUT at various events from the music club. I play guitar. I am glad that social life at the university is developed and this is important for cultural recreation.
3) Tell us about your hobby
In addition to the IT direction, I devote my time to music, poetry, sports. I try to develop in many ways, but basically all my hobbies are connected in one way or another with creativity: I play guitar, write poetry and play football.