Exam Results

Dear Prospective Students and Parents,

We are pleased to announce the official results of the 3rd Entrance Examination held on July 20th and 21st, 2019. The list of successful applicants will be announced according to the scores of the entrance exam.

Please note that if the successful applicants do not register and do not make the tuition payment by due date (5:00pm, August 12th (Monday), 2019), the qualification of successful candidates will be no longer valid and canceled.

Official Announcement of Entrance Exam Results

Important Admission Registration Dates for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Announcement of the list of successful studentsJuly 29th (Monday), 2019
Appealing periodJuly 29th (Mon) ~ 31st (Wed) by 5:00 pm, 2019
Results of AppealAugust 6th (Tuesday), 5:00 pm, 2019
Registration & Tuition Payment deadline for successful studentsAugust 12th (Monday), 5:00 pm, 2019

Registration Procedure & Tuition Payment

Please carefully follow the instructions below in order to complete the registration and tuition payment. Failure to follow the procedure for registration and tuition payment may result in a denial of admission to IUT.

  1. Announcement of the list of successful applicants – July 29th (Monday), 2019
  2. Contract: each successful student should bring his/her original passport.

       (Parents or other representatives of a student will not be allowed to sign and/or collect the Contract)

  1. Location: 1st floor of IUT main building
  2. Period: July 29th (Monday) ~ August 12th (Monday) from 9:00 am ~ 5:00pm (1:00~2:00 pm lunch time) (The university will be closed on Saturday and Sunday)
  3. Deadline: August 12th (Monday), 5:00 pm, 2019
  4. Contact: +99871 289-9999 (ext. 0-400), admissions@inha.uz
  5. Tuition Fee for domestic students (Citizens of Uzbekistan) should be paid in SUMS (Uzbek currency) and international students (foreign passport holder) in US Dollars.

       Annual Tuition for 2019-2020 Academic Year

DepartmentResidents of UzbekistanForeign Students
SOCIE28 500 000 UZS per year5,000 USD per year
SOL30 000 000 UZS per year5,250 USD per year

Tuition payment should be made not less than 25% of the annual amount of tuition shown in the table above by August 12th (Monday), 2019.

  1. Appealing Procedure: IUT will open an appealing counter where students with their parents may have a chance to know more details of the students’ performance of the entrance exam. The appealing shall be allowed only for those students who are not in the list of the successful applicants.

Appealing can only be arranged on the appointment basis.

  1. For appointment, you should write a request letter for appeal by 5:00 pm, July 31st (Wed), 2019.
  2. The results of appealing will be announced on August 6th (Tuesday), 2019.
  1. International Students: Those international students who applied for the admission of SOCIE and SOL program are also able to find out the results of admission through the link below.
    • For those students who are admitted should submit either IELTS or TOEFL iBT certificate by August 2nd (Friday), 2019, otherwise, admission will not be valid and disqualified.
    • Those admitted students must complete their registration by 5:00pm on August 9th, 2019, otherwise, the qualification of regular admission will be no longer valid and canceled.

How to find out the results of the entrance exam

For those students who took the 3rd Entrance Exam for SOCIE and SOL and international students, please click the link to find out the results of the entrance exam.

Application ID (for example: 10971),

Passport Number

Uzbekistan (for example: AA0000000)

Russian (for example: 53No0551259, you should key in 53#0551259)

Date of Birth (YYMMDD, for example: 2000 June 30 -> 000630) should be entered to find out the results of the entrance exam.