Did you know that you can receive money from the government for successfully passing the IELTS exam?

Here are a few recommendations👏🏼😊
1. Scan the receipt for the IELTS exam payment (in PDF format).
2. Scan your certificate (in PDF format).
3. Next, you need to authorize/register on my.gov.uz. 👉🏼Find a refund service: //my.gov.uz/ru/service/413
4. Fill in your personal information or the information of a child under 16.
5. You must select from the list of banks a branch of the “Xalq bank”, which is located closer to you by location.
6. Fill in the certificate details in the provided template, and attach the certificate itself and the payment receipt (in PDF format).
7. Within 15 days, you will receive an SMS stating that your application has been reviewed.
8. After that, log in to the my.gov.uz website, go to your account, and access the section for your inquiries. 👉🏼 Download the document for “Xalq bank” with detailed instructions on how to receive the refund.
9. Call the bank you have chosen to confirm if you are on the list for receiving the refund for the IELTS. If the answer is positive ✅, go to the bank and collect the money.

‼️IMPORTANT: Refunds apply to those who have achieved:
• IELTS score of 7 or above;
• TOEFL score of 95 or above;
• GMAT, GRE, and SAT scores of 75% or above;
• SAT score of 1200 or above.
• You must be under 30 years old.
• Parents can receive the payment for children under 16 years old.

☝🏼By following these simple steps, you can receive a refund of 2,000,000 Uzbekistan soums for passing the IELTS exam with an excellent score.