25 members of Digital Generation Uzbekistan flew to Belarus

From August 5 to 8, 2019, the most active participants in the Digital Generation Uzbekistan project will be in Belarus to exchange experiences and improve their skills.

The “Digital Generation Uzbekistan” project started 1.5 months ago and the “Digital Generation Camp” was organized as part of it. This event, organized on the principles of openness and transparency, was attended by over 700 applications from applicants, of which 80 participants were selected based on an assessment of motivational essays and the interview.

It should be noted that participation in this summer camp is free, and classes are conducted by volunteer-mentors, who has knowledge in each subject in which they taught.

For the participants in the Digital Generation Camp summer camp, young, proactive mentors, national and international experts conducted master classes, trainings, practical exercises and worked on the development of mini-projects.
As a result, all participants received the necessary knowledge and skills in the area of interest to them (programming, design, media and robotics) and took the first step towards the development of a modern and sought-after profession.

In the final of the first event, the organizers announced a worthy encouragement to the participants, mentors and volunteers of the project. Following this promise, a group of youth proactive 25 people from among the participants of the “Digital Generation Uzbekistan” project was sent to Belarus on August 5-8 to exchange experiences and improve their skills.

During the trip, the group will have the opportunity to discuss their proposals and projects with residents of the leading IT park (High-Tech Park) in Belarus, receive recommendations and qualifications from the leaders in exporting software products of companies on the implementation of startups, the implementation of business and the labor market in IT sphere.