#Breaking stereotypes about IT students

Students of Inha University in Tashkent are versatile personalities! Among them there are not only creative people, but also those who are actively implementing their business projects.

Our heroes are today are SOCIE faculty second-year students Anvarov Ayubkhon and Olimov Avazbek.

1. Do you have enough free time for your hobby?
Despite the fact that at university we are given a lot of tasks, we find time to create our own projects.

2. Tell us how you got the idea to open your own business?
The idea to create a business project AVR
Center came to us during our participation in the “Student Cup 2021” competition.

3. Tell us more about your AVR Center project.
AVR Center is a viar project where everyone can plunge into the atmosphere of virtual reality //myurls.co/avr_centre.

4. How are you going to progress and develop your business project?
We are currently working on a separate processor to improve the graphics system developed for this project, and we are planning to open 5 more branches in the near future.