IUT will host a guest lecture for students on “Career in the international transport company APS”

On November 14, Inha University in Tashkent (IUT) will host a lecture for students on the topic “Career in the international transport company APS”. The speaker will be Artur Engalychev.

Artur Engalychev is the Deputy Head of the department at APS to Asian countries.

APS is a large company in the field of international transportation of goods from Europe to the CIS countries, as well as Uzbekistan. APS is more than 20 years in the international transport market. APS completes 2,300 shipments per month, in its fleet. The company has offices in four countries, Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Belarus (Minsk), Germany (Frankfurt), and Russia (Moscow).

The speaker will talk about the company’s activities, transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, required documents of goods for the flight from Europe to Uzbekistan, and the benefits and costs of vehicle fleets.

Artur Engalychev will also provide useful information on how to start building a career at APS.