Today we are opening a new rubric about our students!

#Breaking stereotypes about IT students

🤩Students of Inha University in Tashkent are versatile personalities!

Our hero today is a 2nd year student of SOCIE IUT, Roman Toktamuratov. He will answer our questions.

1) Is it true that all IT people are only interested in computer technology?

My main occupation (studying programming and drawing) rests on the computer, but knowing about the activities of music and sports clubs of our university, I can say that the circle of interests of IT specialists includes not only computers and various devices. So, for example, as a self-taught artist, I am interested in the work of other artists and all sorts of tricks and techniques for drawing elements. I also enjoy playing board games (like DnD), sports games (volleyball, basketball), learning to play the guitar (unfortunately, I’m not good at it) and video games.

2) Do you have enough time for other hobbies?

 On average, I paint for 2-4 hours a day, which is quite enough for gradual progress. If you are interested in the question of whether I have time to work or earn extra money somewhere, then I can answer that yes. Drawing on order, I combine hobbies, practice and earnings.

3) Tell us about your hobby, when you are interested, how are you developing in this area?

Games, anime, films and cartoons led me to drawing. I started making sketches and sketches of characters at the age of 17. After paper drawing, I switched to CG (computer graphic) drawing. Having switched to drawing in Photoshop, I began to develop as a CG artist through lessons on Youtube and participation in various competitions, where the best and main reward for me was criticism and evaluation of my drawings (mainly the concept of a character).

 Right now I am mainly doing concept design for characters, I also have plans for the environment and illustrations.